Send us videos of your Sustainability Activities



People all over Ann Arbor are making their homes, neighborhoods, and community more sustainable. Share your stories!


Ann Arbor’s Office of Sustainability and Innovations is collecting short videos from around town, showing how people are taking steps to advance sustainability in their daily lives. By recording and distributing these videos, we can share our experiences to learn and grow together!


If you’d like to participate, please record one or more short videos (< 2 min, family friendly) sharing small sustainability ideas with your neighbors.


Possible topics include:


  • Energy efficiency in your home
  • Gardening, composting, yard projects
  • Renewable energy at home (rooftop or ground mounted solar, solar water heating)
  • Green transportation (at home bike repair, combining trips, walking to the store)
  • Food Choices (garden recipes, buying local, foraging locations)
  • Reducing household waste
  • More!!!


We are excited to see what your recommendations are! Pleas share you videos with Galen Hardy ( by June 5th, 2020.

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