Welcome to Ann Arbor Solarize!



What:  Ann Arbor Solarize is a program with a simple design and a big impact.  We gather neighbors and friends together, along with pre-vetted solar installers, to learn about residential solar, get questions answered, and provide the option to come together to bulk purchase solar, allowing for significant savings.


Why:  Our whole reason for existing is to help facilitate MORE solar on MORE roofs and properties!  The benefits are robust for individuals, the community and the planet.  And NOW is the perfect time to consider solar.  The costs have come down, panel efficiency is better than ever, and there is a federal tax rebate of 26% that applies to all installations performed in 2020!  This tax credit reduces to 22% in 2021, and then it is gone.  In addition, legislation has recently passed in Lansing that eliminated the property tax increase associated with solar.  It’s an excellent time to jump in.


Who:  As part of the City of Ann Arbor’s A2Zero carbon neutrality work, the Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations works with local and regional pre-vetted Solar Installers, as well as Michigan Saves, a non-profit green bank that facilitates low-interest financing for green upgrades, including solar installations.


How:  Our participating installers have all agreed to tiered discounts depending on the number of participants in a Solarize event.  These discounts are available because of savings realized by reduced advertising and outreach costs for the installers, and potential discounts they can realize by ordering in bulk as well.


To learn more or to sign-up for your Solarize event, please contact the Ann Arbor Solarize program coordinator, Julie Roth, at juliekayeroth111@gmail.com or the OSI Manager, Missy Stults (mstults@a2gov.org), for more information.


We look forward to working with you!

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